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Welcome to the Composable CDP Community

Everything you need to know about the Composable CDP

Discover what makes a Customer Data Platform composable, hear from industry leaders, and find the best partners for your project.

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Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) as we know them are fundamentally broken. When CDPs first grew in popularity, data warehouse adoption was extremely low. Now, in 2024 any business not leveraging a cloud data warehouse is rapidly falling behind.

Today, there's a more elegant solution centered around the data warehouse - the Composable CDP.

Unlike traditional CDPs that require duplicative data storage, a Composable CDP takes advantage of your existing architecture so you can benefit from the security and flexibility of your own data warehouse while spending less. Companies like Warner Music Group, Chime and PetSmart have all adopted a Composable CDP to power best-in-class experiences for their customers.

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What does it mean to be a Composable CDP?

  • The Composable CDP runs on your data infrastructure.
  • The Composable CDP can support any schema.
  • The Composable CDP is modular, but offers a complete feature set.
  • The Composable CDP has unbundled pricing.
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Industry leaders

The Composable CDP: A Future-Proof Customer Data Platform.