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Manage Omnichannel Split Testing across Facebook and SFMC


This playbook will show you how to manage multivariate testing across Facebook and Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Hightouch Audiences.

Made by:Hightouch

6 minutes

Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
Facebook Custom Audiences.
Manage Omnichannel Split Testing across Facebook and SFMC.
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  • While some marketing platforms like Facebook Ads or Salesforce CRM allow for multivariate testing within their specific channel(s), marketers today lack the ability to easily create randomized audiences that sync across their many marketing tools. Doing so would allow them to not only focus on multivariate testing on one channel - but coordinating these efforts across many.

    Sure, you can manually download an audience list and split it into testing groups with RANDOM() formulas in excel before re-uploading multiple CSVs to each unique platform–but that takes time and effort that modern marketing teams don’t seem to have.

    Using Hightouch, you create your desired audience with our no-code audience builder (using the customer data already in your data warehouse). Then, you define your testing splits within your audience, along with the percentage of users allocated to each. From there, Hightouch takes away the hassle of splitting lists and returns to you exactly what you wanted - randomized groups of users to sync out to any of your marketing tools to leverage for your multivariate testing across channels.

    Activate your data in less than 5 minutes