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Turn BigQuery into Big Actions

Leading teams trust Hightouch to transform their Google Cloud resources into a marketing, sales, and operational engine.

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You've chosen your source of truth. Make it count with Hightouch.

Data moving through a datawarehouse and Hightouch into various marketing tools and campaigns.
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Composable CDP

Turn BigQuery into a CDP

You don't need to deal with the pains of buying a packaged CDP to collect and take action on your first-party customer data. Activate customer data and audiences directly from BigQuery to supercharge marketing, advertising, and sales teams.

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Turn BigQuery into a CDP.

Customer journey

Personalize every digital touchpoint

Your data models are already defined in Looker's semantic layer. With our built-in Looker integration, you can easily activate them into marketing automation or advertising platforms to deliver delightful e-commerce experiences across the customer journey.

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Personalize every digital touchpoint.

Looker integration

Say goodbye to CSV exports, forever

Go beyond BI (and avoid endless CSV export requests) by delivering customer data directly into the tools business teams rely on. And you don't have to start from scratch: with Hightouch, it's easy to activate existing Looker Looks with our model selector.

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Say goodbye to CSV exports, forever.


Your data, exactly where you want it

Ensure the data used for change data capture stays with your preferred cloud provider. You have the option to store in your own virtual private cloud or Hightouch's managed version on Google Cloud.

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Your data, exactly where you want it.

Since building out a modern data stack—that includes Fivetran, BigQuery, Looker, and Hightouch—we've enjoyed a 7 point improvement to our net promoter score. We use Hightouch to sync modeled data from Looker into Zendesk, resulting in a 33% improvement in median time to resolution for our success team.

Remi Paulin

Data Architect at PrestaShop

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Transform your BigQuery warehouse into an actionable hub for any team


AutoTrader uses Hightouch to build a Composable CDP on top of BigQuery and increases new car buyer engagement by 20%


Chalhoub Group increases ad revenue by 40% and lowers CAC by 30% by activating custom audiences in BigQuery with Hightouch


Gorgias drives a 60%+ lift in customer acquisition and doubles paid media event match rates with Hightouch and BigQuery

Activate your data in less than 5 minutes